0X Zuki & Mutant Zukis NFTs – Moving Popular NFT Collections Forward

Anyone who is interested in popular NFT collections will undoubtedly have heard about Azuki, a massively successful project which has made initial investors huge profits. Their core mission is building a decentralized brand of the future, a popular mantra for successful companies these days. The 10,000 NFT collection sold out shortly after being released. Of course, today, if you want to join the Azuki movement it will cost you a minimum of 23.5 ETH (as of 4/23/2022), a price most people cannot afford.

Not to worry, the 0X Zuki NFT movement has arrived in a big way!

Official 0X Zuki OpenSea Account

Finally, there is an option for those of us who want to become part of the Zuki family, but at much more affordable prices, for now!

What are the 0X Zuki NFTs in 2022?

Paying homage to Azuki, the 0X Zuki project features some of the original traits from the Azuki collection, deconstructed, and then reconstructed seamlessly, to make 0X Zuki NFTs unique, while dripping with the Azuki spirit.

Initially, on February 8th, there were 500 free mints available, and the rest were sold for cheap pricing which resulted in the mint selling out within days of the launch.

Their official Twitter account has thousands of committed followers, who help to push the project forward and attract more folks into it as well.

0X Zuki Official Twitter Account

The founders and DEVs kept the community invested by giving away lots of 0X Zuki NFTs and whitelist spots for the upcoming Mutant Zukis launch.

What Are Mutant Zukis NFTs?

The Mutant Zukis is the next generation of the 0X Zuki collection. There were two options for OG 0X Zuki NFT holders to obtain a Mutant Zukis NFT. Plus, a cool storyline to go with them directly from the team:

0xLabs has been developing a serum for some time now with very high hopes. But things have gone awfully wrong... A nuclear explosion has destroyed the lab and radiation is spreading throughout The Golden City! Zukis are rushing through the city in panic, trying to save themselves and their families. Some make it to safe zones, but the others... The radiation burn is making them unrecognizable... The mutants are taking control of the once Golden City and making it their own... This is the moment you have all been waiting for! The era of mutation has begun! Only 5K Zukis can be mutated, first come first serve! 0xZuki holders can burn a Zuki to receive a free mint for a mutant in return.

Things to consider:

  • Consider burning your least rare Zuki, as the mutant mint is random ->

  • Mutant floor price will be 0.045 for WL, 0.054 for public mint How does it work? ->

  • Burn your Zuki by using our mutation dApp on (Always make sure you are on the correct domain. ->

  • You can burn up to 20 Zukis at a time to save gas ->

  • Gas is optimized as we use OpenSea's bulk transfer API ->

  • You receive the same number of free mints as the number of Zukis you burn

  • You burn 3 Zukis, you get 3 free mints Important: Burning a Zuki is one of four options to get hold of a mutant.

  • Per burnt Zuki = 1 x free mutant mint + gas Per Kigurumi (won't be burnt)= 1 x free mutant mint + gas Zuki Holder = WL Mint 0,045 + gas No Zuki Holder = Public Mint 0.054 + gas.

What are the Benefits of Holding 0x Zuki & Mutant Zukis NFTs?

The Mutant Zukis is a utility-packed project that features tokenized traits, and $EXTRACT token staking coming after the mint sells out. Just like other successful NFT projects in 2022, providing the community of investors with the ability to stake their NFTs, to earn their native token is an attractive quality.

Not to mention that minters who don’t list their Mutant Zukis for sale on the secondary market will be entered into a 20 ETH giveaway, hosted by the 0X Zuki team.

Surely the Mutant Zukis merchandise will be a hit with their engaging community who love to shill the project to whoever will listen.

For good reason too, since the Mutant Zukis floor price is already elevated above the mint price, a great sign of things to come.

Official Mutant Zukis OpenSea Account

In the future, the community hopes to have a much higher price to enter and a 1 to 5 ETH floor seems reasonable, provided the DEVS, and investors keep pushing forward and adding value to holders over the long term.


Anyone who was interested in the original 10,000 Zuki NFTs that sold out and are now expensive on the secondary market, should check out 0X Zuki NFTs in 2022. The prices on OpenSea are still cheap enough that most folks can afford to buy one, even those on a budget.

The backend utilities that are coming to Mutant Zuki will be monumental in pushing the collection forward, by inviting other savvy business people into the mix.

Don’t get left behind for the second time. 0X Zuki NFTs are here to stay and are already making waves with Mutant Zuki, staking, and P2E games planned in the future.