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Updated: Jul 16

If you have been anywhere near the NFT world lately you have surely noticed all the different projects popping up left and right. Most are not worth a second glance.

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While others are!

Since the infamous Board Ape Yacht Club launch, there have been many others who try to duplicate their success. Surprisingly some have done well, and those with their own vision and personalities tend to attract the right crowd.

What are Bad Apes Pirate Club NFTs?

Look at Bad Apes Pirate Club NFTs which are a BAYC derivative project because of the base artwork, but that’s where the similarities end. In fact, Pirate Apes are one of the only race cars sponsored NFTs in WEB3 today.

Plus, their one-of-a-kind artwork plays on the success of the BAYC franchise without copying them whatsoever.

Pirate Apes NFT sneak Peek
Bad Apes Pirate Club NFT sneak Peek

On the contrary, the pirate-inspired art perfectly complements the BAYC-style apes and creates an entirely new collection.

The exciting parts are yet to come including their very own Bad Apes Pirate Club Rum, a secret blend developed under the close watch of the Captain Pirate Ape himself.

Who are the DEVs?

The DEV team is fully DOXED and is happy to converse with the community directly via their private discord server where you are free to learn more about what makes Bad Apes Pirate Club NFTs special.

Understanding that success isn’t defined by the art alone is what truly sets the experienced DEV team at Bad Apes Pirate Club apart from the rest.

Bad Pirate NFT

These days NFT projects are a dime a dozen, but 98.9% aren’t worth investing any money into because they are just going down.

It’s when the community and founders work seamlessly as a team that the moon becomes in range and NFTs can become astronomically valuable.

What Is

Race Car Sponsorship?

Community support is everything and it's nice to see that support transposing into real-world uses.

bad pirate club nft racecar

Just like with the Pirate Ape’s own Prestige Racing, who added the Pirate Apes logos and advertisements on the actual cars used in active races.

Will There Be

Bad Apes Pirate Club Merchandise?

Yes! In fact, some Bad Apes Pirate Club Merchandise is coming soon! The team has utilized the project’s artwork in collaboration with the artists to create some casual, fun, ideas for future merchandise.

Official Bad Pirates Club Website with Merchandise!

What is The Pirate Apes Rum Club?

Again, the most anticipated part of the entire idea behind the Pirate Ape NFT project is the RUM, which is currently being developed by the RUM Club.

Bad Pirates NFT Rum Club

PA holders can combine their NFTs to access the Rum Club and those lucky holders will be getting a sample of the first batch of Pirate Apes' proprietary blend of secret ingredients.

You can expect the rum to be spectacular and being part of the community affords you first dips on products and the ideas that generate them.

Of course, you will need to be of legal drinking age to participate in the Rum Club giveaways and rum access.

All Hands-on Deck!

The Bad Ape Pirate Club NFT project is built on the idea that being “Bullish” is a symptom of the community’s loyalty and excitement for the collection.

It isn’t built on hype alone, and certainly not on broken promises.

The success stories in the industry always include the positive community component, which the Ape Pirate NFTs are planning to emulate.


Remember that especially today, it’s never been more important to do your own research (DYOR) before buying into any NFT projects. Those based on Twitter hype can become rug pulls where the owners simply disappear with all the money.

Webb3 is still the wild, wild, west, and it's basically on you to invest in worthwhile ones. That’s why the Pirate Apes team is available on discord and social media to discuss these details directly with the people who invest in their projects.


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