Best NFTs to Buy on OpenSea? Top 10 NFTs in 2022

Updated: May 3

Bananas! That’s literally an understatement when it comes to describing the activity surrounding NFTs in 2022. There are so many different types of NFT projects these days that it can be hard to figure out which ones to purchase.

Stoned Ape Club
Stoned Ape Club (SAC) #2037

Most people who are into buying and selling NFTs are always trying to make the mint, where members and the public can mint, and get randomly generated NFTs.

However, for those who miss out on minting, or just want to know what are the best NFTs to buy on OpenSea, the largest secondary NFT marketplace in the world.

For those who don’t already know, OpenSea mainly features Ethereum (ETH) based NFTs. But they recently incorporated Solana (SOL) NFTs into the platform as well.

What is OpenSea?

Known to be the largest and most popular marketplace for NFTs, OpenSea hosts thousands of different NFT collections on a safe user-friendly platform.

Some of the most notable are Board Apes Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, and Mutant Apes.

How to Buy on OpenSea?

Anyone can buy NFTs on OpenSea these days. All you need to do is create an account using an active wallet to connect to the platform.

Once you have connected to OpenSea properly you can search for the NFT collection you are interested in and then browse the NFTs for sale.

When you find the one you want, simply click the buy now button, which will initiate your purchase via Metamask or whatever wallet application you use.

That’s it!

Your purchase will show processing until it is confirmed via the Ethereum blockchain, at which time you can view the transaction via Etherscan and see the NFT within your wallet on your OpenSea account.

What is The Best NFTs to Buy on OpenSea?

It is easy to find out what NFTs to buy on OpenSea because there are simple steps to determine which ones are the best for you.

First and foremost, this depends on your budget. There are NFTs for sale on OpenSea for .0001, up past 120 ETH.

Of course, we all want to buy a Board Ape Yacht Club NFT!

But they are expensive, with a starting price around 100 ETH floor, or around $280k depending on Ethereum’s current value.

On the contrary, there are hundreds of new NFT collections listed on OpenSea every month and most of them start out at cheap prices. If you are lucky enough to buy an NFT early and cheaply, then you might be able to make a huge ROI, including rewards from staking your NFTs, which certain projects offer their investors.

Because there is such a drastic price difference amongst NFT collections for sale on OpenSea, we will break down the 10 most popular! The first five will be broken down by the most expensive.

But the second five will be new NFT collections that are looking good and picking up steam now.

So, let’s take a closer look at what are the best NFTs to buy on OpenSea in 2022

1. Board Ape Yacht Club – Just about everyone has heard about the BAYC because they were the first NFT collection on OpenSea to gain massive popularity and skyrocket in price. Some of the initial mints were free and within 1-years’ time, BAYC NFTs are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each. (Official BAYC OpenSea account)

Currently, Yuga Labs, the team responsible for the success of BAYC has expanded its reach by acquiring Crypto Punks and Meebits from Larva Labs, who sold both collections in 2022.

2. Crypto Punks – Again, Crypto Punks was an early NFT project that has seen immense success and made their initial community of investors who HODL a fortune. Any one of the 10,000 Crypto Punks will cost you 100ETH minimum these days, to buy on OpenSea. (Official Crypto Punks OpenSea account)

3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club – Also created by Yuga Labs for their community initially, because the only 2 ways to obtain a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT was by, exposing an existing Board Ape Yacht Club NFT to Mutant Serum, which transformed the OG into a mutant. Or purchase one from the public mint. (Official MAYC OpenSea account)

There are 20K Mutants available to buy on OpenSea today and the floor price starts around 41 ETH, still steep for most normal folks.

4. Azuki – Another massively successful NFT collection you can buy on OpenSea today starting around 24 ETH is Azuki.

This 10,000-piece Japanese art-inspired project provides owners with The Garden, a Metaverse space where creators, artists, and the community meet, to make magic, according to their official website.

(Official Azuki OpenSea account)

5. Clone X – The intracity, and digital avatars that make up the 10,000 NFT Clone X collection are each unique and based on different traits that are based on 6 separate attributes. Every Clone X NFT is available on OpenSea starting around 18 ETH. (Official Clone X OpenSea account)

In late 2021, RTFK, a digitized sneaker company, in coordination with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, dropped the first Clone X NFTs via Dutch Auction.

Today, anyone can take advantage of a Clone X avatar in the Metaverse and upcoming plans to expand the benefits to include real-world advantages. Owners can join their discord server to get the latest updates and drops from the founders and the team.

6. Moonbirds – Created by The Proof Collective which is made up of around 1,000 NFT investors, and entrepreneurs, who dropped this 10,000 Pixel Birds collection.

The initial mint price was about 2 ETH, not a price most can afford. However, those who are lucky enough to have minted Moonbirds NFTs are enjoying 100X returns just 1-week after the mint closed.

Anyone can buy Moonbirds on OpenSea today and become a member of the highly desirable Proof Collective. The current floor price sits around 34 ETH as of 4/25/22.

Owners enjoy staking rewards and whitelist spots for upcoming projects and airdrops. (Official Moonbirds OpenSea account)

7. Invisible Friends – From the creative mind of Markus Magnusson, the 5K Invisible Friends have animated NFTs of invisible characters getting into all sorts of trouble. (Official Invisible Friends OpenSea account)

The initial launch was promoted on Twitter and other social media. If you were lucky enough to get whitelisted for the mint, then you will enjoy a huge ROI today. Currently, anyone can buy Invisible Friends NFTs on OpenSea starting around 3.4 ETH floor price.

8. Stoned Ape Club – For those 420-friendly people who want to support and invest in cannabis-related projects will appreciate The Stoned Ape Club. (STAC Twitter )

This 6,666 NFT collection offers investors unique access to successful investors and backend utilities like staking for $TOKE, their native token.

STAC owners can swap out their tokens for another cryptocurrency like ETH. The founders fund the liquidity pool from the mint proceeds and secondary market sales. (Official SAC OpenSea account)

Additionally, The Stoned Ape Club members enjoy frequent giveaways that include ETH, and STAC NFTs. Moreover, the founders include experienced real estate investors who buy and sell properties via STAC funds which come back around to benefit holders again.

Not to mention, the artwork is incredible and based on different traits and attributes. Some are rarer than others and hence, more valuable too. As of 4/25/2022, the Stoned Ape Club mint is still live for the public at .15 ETH here.

9. 0X Social Club – This tight knight community hit the scene with a splash. The 0X Social Club initially minted 250 OG Azuki styled NFTs with the distinct #YelowArmy background.

0X Social Club OG NFT
0X Social Club OG NFT

These sold out quickly and began the social club movement which has transformed into much more than simply great ape artwork.

The dedicated team grew its ranks from within and hired talented artists, web designers, moderators, and marketers, that were instantly noticed by influential NFT investors who helped spread the word.

(0X Social Club Twitter )

The 0X Social Club has since dropped 3 additional collections to mint including 3,333 0X Expansion Apes, 1,800 0X Red edition, and 1,444 0X Black OG’s. Anyone can buy 0X Social Club NFTs on OpenSea today.

Each one represents a different section of the same project!

For example, 0X Red members enjoy crypto education support it’s not a place for financial advice but a place to learn how to get set up, what to look for, and how to manage risk getting into trades.

(Official 0X Red OpenSea account)

0X Black supports the launch pad, which helps new artists and WEB3 entrepreneurs launch a successful project.

(Official 0X Black OpenSea account)

Expansion Apes are the entry-level into the Social Club, but you are in the family once you’re an expansion owner.

(Official 0X Expansion Apes OpenSea account)

OG Apes are the key to free mints and the highest investor rewards. (Official 0X Social Club OGs OpenSea account)

Unlike most NFT projects, The 0X Social Club deeply cares for its community and has incorporated a mental health and wellness channel for everyone. These guys and gals are cool and even if you are broke and need help with something personal, they seem like the community to lend a hand anyways. Just saying...

10. Ape Reunion – For those who have been the victim of rugged NFT projects, there is now The Ape Reunion, founded by The Ape Doctors as he is known on Twitter. ( Ape Reunion Twitter )

This team is made up of highly experienced and talented digital artists who have created 10,000 unique, pixel apes like never seen before.

Ape Reunion Pixel NFT
Ape Reunion Pixel NFT

The quality of the digital artwork is second to none and the community of frustrated NFT investors who were on the short end of the stick one too many times before has got behind The Ape Reunion and made it extremely successful right out of the gate.

Initially, there was a free mint where anyone could buy 3 apes per wallet. So many people joined the rugged community that the mint sold out within 12 minutes.

Now the only way to buy Ape Reunion NFTs is on the secondary marketplace like OpenSea, which has seen over 550 ETH sales volume only 12 hours after the Sunday night reveal.

Numbers like that were thought to be reserved for blue-chip NFTs like BAYC, and Crypto Punks. (Official Ape Reunion OpenSea account)

Seems there is a new player in town…

Wrapping This All Up for You!

There are lots of choices when it comes to digital investments in 2022. Many people prefer to invest in cryptocurrency, while others prefer NFTs for their artwork and backend ROI.

However, it’s never been more important to do your own research, (DYOR) to ensure that the NFTs you buy on OpenSea, or minting, are real and worthwhile.

Unfortunately, too many people are taking advantage of people being naive about WEB3, since it's so new. These few are giving the entire landscape a bad name.

If you research the team, check their social media, and converse with community members before you buy NFTs, you are more likely to purchase projects more aligned with your investment and entertainment views.


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