Medicated Mice NFTs – Digital 420 Investments in 2022

Recently, the NFT marketplaces have been slammed by buyers who are looking to purchase the hot, new projects happening. However, investors are quickly learning that not all NFTs are the same.

In fact, many are not producing the return on investment (ROI) that investors expected. Or worse, that the collection was a rug pull and wasn’t ever going to be legit.

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality NFTs in 2022, then investigate those that offer real utilities and long-term ROI for the community of investors.

Medicated Mice Official Twitter
Medicated Mice Official Twitter - @MedicatedMice

Take the Medicated Mice, a collection of 2420 NFTs that offer profits from cannabis dispensary collaboration, and branded Medicated Mice products.

( Medical Mice's official Twitter account )

What is The Medicated Mice NFTs?

These detailed NFTs are adorable and showcase the Medicated Mice with different traits that are based on 8 separate attributes. The rarity of each NFT differs within the collection, based on these traits, and becomes part of its overall value respectively.

Moreover, once you buy Medicated Mice NFTs you become part of the community of investors, who constantly connect with the project's founders/owners to drive the hype and direction of investments.

The Mint was live for whitelisted members on May 14th and sold out soon thereafter. The community was super excited and engaging on social media which helped attract even more people. Many folks swept the floor and bought Medicated Mice NFTs on OpenSea, the secondary market, soon after the mint sold out.

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What are the Benefits of Holding Medicated Mice NFTs?

The word is slowly getting out about the Medicated Mice NFT collection and projects coming in 2022. Initially, the Medicated Mice founders toyed with the idea of investing the mint money into medical and recreational marijuana products.

But that was quickly changed due to the legal pressure it could cause because the products would most certainly need to be shipped across state lines, or even overseas to fill orders.

However, the idea has evolved into a workable investment model for the Medicated Mice to produce and sell CBD hemp-based products. That’s great news for the community of investors who are looking to get rewarded with lots of profits from the project.

The future looks bright because CBD sales are booming across the country and around the world. Moving forward, the Medicated Mice family will have their slice of this gigantic "green" pie too.

After one failed deal with a dispensary, the motivated Medicated Mice founder didn’t let that slow him down, and only weeks later said there was big news coming soon.

Now the benefits are being rolled out which includes a huge 4/20 announcement that recently detailed the new business relationship and deal struck to produce the Medicated Mice CBD line of products right away.

Steve’s Goods, a trusted CBD dispensary in Colorado with online and physical locations will be partnered with the Medicated Mice moving forward. ( Check out Steve's Goods website )

What is the Monetary Rewards for Investing?

With these new partnerships flourishing, the engaged community is ready to earn their rewards for being loyal and patient investors in Medicated Mice NFTs. Things are really starting to happen now...

OG Mice: Earn 0.008% of Monthly Income from the following dispensary products and more to come.

Delta 8 Vape Carts:

  • Stoney Maloney

Magic Mice Delta 8 Wax Dabs:

  • Stoney Maloney

Magic Mice Delta 8 Gummies:

OG Delta 8 Gummies CBD Gummies:

  • OG CBD Gummies

What is Baby Mice?

Baby Medicated Mice: Our Genesis (OG Mice) have bred adorable, warm-hearted babies! Our OGs have created exactly 1420 Baby Mice NFTs, which include 40 Legendries. These babies are no different from their elders! They like to get digitally stoned, drunk, and all sorts of messed up!

OG Mice holders will receive an automatic whitelist and reduced pricing. If you meet the requirements to be considered a whole holder you will get a free Baby Mice mint, just pay for gas.

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More ROI for The Medicated Mice Community!

With so much hype surrounding the Metaverse, many NFT collections in 2022 are buying digital land and either holding it in the project’s community wallet or DAO. Or they are already moving forward with their specific metaverse vision as The Medicated Mice DEVS has.

This was a posted announcement shared within their official discord that all members have free access to:

I'm more than pleased to announce that Medicated Mice have officially entered the Sandbox Metaverse! Our virtual Dispensary will be constructed at the following location: (10, -88) We've acquired a super-premium piece of digital land that borders Snoop Dogg's $1,000,000+ Mega Plot.
This truly special acquisition goes well beyond our love for D.O.G.G! If you didn't know, Snoop is the complete face of the Sandbox Game. He'll be performing concerts and other live events at his land. Here's a teaser from Sandbox themselves

If you can’t see the value of being invested in Metaverse plays like this one, it's time to do some research. This is the biggest trending topic everywhere.

Medicated Mice NFT holders are already in the Metaverse and getting paid for selling CBD products across the country. Not to mention that OG holders will get 20% off dispensary products anytime. What a deal…


Remember that anyone can start an NFT collection and sell them to the public. But only those who provide real-world utilities that return on your initial investment are worth spending hard-earned money on.

Although there are big names like Board Ape Yacht Club, and Mutants, which are typically out of most people’s price range at 100 ETH floor.

These days, finding the Medicated Mice NFTs in 2022 makes you early to a transformative project that is meeting and exceeding its goals already. Plus, providing the community exposure to cannabis-derived investments for a fraction of what they cost overall.