The Egg Society – Best NFT DAO in 2022

The Egg Society NFTs are comprised of 8,888 randomly generated unique NFTs that are based around 200 professional, hand-drawn traits. There will be 10 Legendary Egg Society NFTs up for grabs, randomly via the official mint on July 12th.

the egg society nfts

The high-quality artwork consists of traits like cool glasses, bubblegum bubbles, horns, blue hair, mohawks, lizard tails, skull necklaces, overalls, flower shirts, toilet plungers, and many others…

The Egg Society NFT examples
The Egg Society NFT examples

The expert Dev team behind The Egg Society created the entire collection on the revolutionary ERC-721A smart contract, which is known for its insanely low gas fees.

Plus, the team decided to reward loyal holders with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) like setup, where the community will vote to decide the project's purchases, expenditures, and ultimately the direction it goes.

The founders plan to seed the project with 100 ETH and fees are broken down in the following ways:

Fees on open sea from our side will be 5%
2.5% will go to the treasury
2.5% will go to the team

These terms will be subject to change and mainly depend on the mint volume and duration.

The Egg Society Metaverse Plays!

As with other successful NFT collections recently, owning land in the Metaverse has become a must. But it's also a good thing because the WEB3 community of today is the first generation to experience the Metaverse.

Owning some of the first Real Estate minted and available is a good investment for tomorrow and beyond.

Additionally, anyone who mints buys, or holds an Egg Society NFT will be eligible for the 3D version mint. The 3D Egg Society NFT will be able to play the Metaverse game, which will be developed around the Egg Society project’s theme.

Will There Be Merchandise Available?

Yes, The Egg Society plans to have amazing merchandise that holders will have access to and even be able to earn and win throughout this journey.

Where to Buy the Egg Society NFTs?

Before July 12th you can register to become one of the lucky 1,000 pre-list members, who will receive free mints.

The remaining NFTs will cost .055 ETH to mint.

After the mint, you can buy The Egg Society NFTs on OpenSea, or any other secondary NFT marketplace.

The best way to get involved is to connect with the project via social media like Twitter.

Then, you can get their private discord server's invite link, where you can engage with current community members and their Dev team personally.

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

It's great to obtain as much information as possible before investing in any NFT project today. There is way too many "rug pulls", where the owners simply leave after the mint and take all the money for themselves, never to return.

Since WEB3 is still a bit of the wild, wild, west, you need to DYOR and ensure that the projects you are interested in are worthy of your hard-earned money, or not.

Certainly, The Egg Society’s “Fully Doxxed Team” helps make the research easier and keeps the project accountable to their community.

Plus, finding community-driven projects like theirs makes sense because Afterall if you’re looking for a return on investment, having a vote in what direction the collection goes in helps.


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