Top 5 0X NFT Collections in 2022 – 0X NFTs Explained!

Updated: Jul 1

There has been an explosion of organic interest in NFTs in recent years since the popularity of decentralized applications is on the rise. Certain NFTs are worth millions of dollars each and that brings tons of attention to the space.

These days, there are hundreds of different NFT projects happening and dozens of NFT marketplaces to buy and sell on the secondary market.

People only tend to hear about the blue-chip NFTs like Board Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, or Azuki collections first.

Those and others like them are considered to be the top NFT projects of all time. However, most people can not afford the 100 ETH floor price and are forced to watch those communities have fun and make money from the sidelines.

What Are 0X NFTs?

Nowadays, there are 0X NFT collections that are exploding in popularity amongst those who were left out of the blue-chip projects in the past.

Generally, 0X NFTs look like other successful collections because they are similar. The top 0X collections take all the traits within a collection, break them down, and then reconstruct them to be completely different from the originals, while still emulating their overall look.

0X NFTs Explained

The best 0X NFTs in 2022, pay homage to their inspired NFTs by deconstructing and then, reconstructing hundreds of the original traits, to produce brand new ones.

The first 0X NFT project was the 0XApes collection, which was created by meticulously reconstructing traits from the BAYC, and then produced the new NFTs on a yellow background, a trend that continues today.

0X Apes Official OpeSea Account
0X Apes Official OpeSea Account Snapshot as of 4-15-2022

In fact, the #YellowArmy born from 0X Apes has grown exponentially over the years, and anyone can see their trending tweets on social media.

Are 0X NFTs Good Investments?

Like with any other investment opportunity, NFTs are risky! Not can be, they are risky. Since there aren’t any constructive regulations on cryptocurrency yet, the NFT marketplace can resemble the wild west at times.

Unfortunately, “bad actors” are always trying to reel unsuspecting folks into scam projects, better known as rug pulls!

Provided that you do your own research (DYOR) by researching the NFT collections you are interested in, you can avoid these scams and stay safe while making money over time. Again, the top 0X NFT collections in 2022 made lots of people tons of money in Ethereum (ETH).

The successful NFT projects represent a smaller part of the entire landscape since most collections fizzle out and aren’t worth what people paid for them.

The takeaway here is to DYOR to ensure that the 0X NFT project you like is worthy of your time and investment.

What Makes the Best 0X NFT Collections in 2022?

The top 0x NFT collections in 2022 offer a roadmap for investors filled with great ideas for moving the community forward after the artwork gets minted out completely. These typically include either being able to stake the NFTs you buy into a smart contract to earn their native tokens which can be used in different ways.

Some projects allow you to use your earned tokens to purchase upcoming NFTs for future mints. Others simply swap the native tokens they earned into ETH or other popular crypto coins on an exchange.

What Is 0X Apes Tribe Collection?

On July 1st the 0X Apes team released the Tribe collection of 14,000 NFTs, of which 10,000 are available for current 0X Apes NFT holders to claim for FREE.

Tribe Banana Brew #7 Medium Article

The additional NFTs will be available for the public mint price of .2 ETH. (Holders pay.15 ETH during public Tribe mint)

Best 0X NFTs Tribe
Tribe NFT Sneak Peek

Although the original 0X Apes project is a derivative of the Board Apes Yacht Club, the Tribe collection is not.

Top 0X NFTs

Anyone with an 0X Apes NFT will be able to mint their mirror Tribe with the same traits, but with the Tribe vibe.

0X Apes Trilogy OpenSea Account

But this is also the perfect opportunity for new investors to ape into the amazing community of people who help consistently push the project forward.

What are the 0X Apes NFTs

The 0X Apes is considered a blue-chip 0X collection, along with being the first 0X project launched in late 2021. Each of the 10,000 NFTs’s unique and resembles the Board Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. The yellow background 0X Apes used has become synonymous with 0X NFTs from that point forward.

0X Apes official Twitter account
0X Apes official Twitter account is @0xApes_NFT

The floor price of 0X Apes steadily rose from the mint day until the present day, where it would take a minimum of .14 Eth ($422 approximate) to buy an Ape.

In addition to great artwork that can be updated through the metadata online to make them 4K, is among the best on the market to date. (Official OpenSea account) The artists took time to get every trait perfect and even updated some errors in the original BAYC artwork to ensure that 0X Apes NFTs were perfect!

What is 0XMAYC (0X Mutant Apes Yacht Club)

Launched around the same time that 0x Apes did, the founders of 0XMAYC focused on mutant apes and have some of the best 0X NFT artwork available. Also, a 10,000 NFT collection, was reconstructed from the Mutant Apes Yacht Club’s (MAYC) original projects. (Official OpenSea account)

0X MAYC Official Twitter Account
0X MAYC Official Twitter Account is @0xMAYC

When the mint first began, the Yellow Army came through minting thousands of 0XMAYC NFTs within minutes. The project sold out completely and is still considered a must-have for true NFT enthusiasts.

Although the floor price for 0XMAYC has fluctuated a lot, it seems to be trending around .006 ETH ($18 approx.) The unimpressive prices have been attributed to low-engagement behind the scenes, which hasn’t kept the community of investors strong or motivated over the longer term.

That could change at any time depending on where the 0XMAYC roadmap ends up going? Everyone agrees that 0xMAYC artwork is absolutely flawless and highly collectable.

What is the 0X Social Club?

One of the most successful 0X NFT projects in 2022 is the 0XSocial Club! The first mint was partially free and then cheap for the rest. In total, only 250 NFTs were available, and these became the 0xSocial Club OGs. (Official OpenSea account) These have become the keys to free mints for the next phases, which have become popular as well.

0XSocialClub Official Twitter
0XSocialClub Official Twitter Account is @0xSocialClub

The 2nd drop was the 0XSocialClub Expansion Apes and these were minted out quickly too. This part of the project contains 3,333 NFTs and is considered the entry point for the public prices. Expansion Apes (Official OpenSea account) with 0G traits, mainly the gold 0X earring are considered special and unlock certain benefits only OG Apes are privy to.

The 3rd drop was for the 0XRed collection of 1,800 NFTs. (Official OpenSea account) Again, free mints for 0XRed were for 0XSocialClub OG holders only. The rest of the mint costs .02 ETH ($60) each. The 0XRed editions sold out fast and can be bought these days on OpenSea, along with the rest of the 0XSocial Club NFTs.

The 4th and upcoming mint on 4/16/22 is for 0XBlack and will feature new traits and expanded NFTs. The hype is at an all-time high right now surrounding the entire 0XSocialClub NFT collection in 2022.

(Official OpenSea account)

What is the 0X Lions NFTs?

The 0X Lions NFT collection was released at the beginning of 2022 and pays homage to the Lazy Lions NFTs, which are considered wildly successful amongst NFT investors.

The fully doxed team at 0X Lions created brand new traits by deconstructing, and reconstructing traits from Lazy Lions NFTs. The new look of the 0X Lions collection (Official OpenSea account) is clean and showcases high-quality artwork by anyone’s standards.

0X Lions Official Twitter
0X Lions Official Twitter Account is @0xLions_V1

The initial mint started off ruff because 0X Lions founders offered 1,000 free mints, first come, first serve. Well, so many people minted that the 1K was gone in literally 30 seconds or less.

The Twitter community didn’t appreciate that and called them rug pulls, and a scam project.

Nothing was further from the truth, which was proven by the 0X Lions and their loyal community, because they ended up giving out 2,000 additional free mints and the rest were cheap.

Unfortunately, this had a negative effect on the floor price for the 0X Lions NFTs and they are still trying to get up to, and past the .01 ETH floor price target.

Hopefully, this extremely undervalued 0X collection will rise in 2022 and take its place among the first high-quality, 0X NFT collections to date.

What are the 0X Slapes NFTs?

One of the most anticipated collections in 2022 was the 0X Slapes NFTs, which was modeled after the hugely successful Superlative Apes NFTs.

0X Slapes Official Twitter
0X Slapes Official Twitter Account is @0xSLAPES_NFT

The official 0X Slapes Twitter account advertised the initial 1,300 0X Slapes were free, followed by a mint price of .04 Eth. However, after the first 5 minutes, the freebies were gone, and the collection’s owner decided to make 90% of the mint free from there forward. The 0X Slapes were completely minted out within 24 hours.

We can only wait to see what the founder’s roadmap will be, to determine if 0X Slapes can be counted among the top NFT collections to date.

(Official OpeSea account)

Some Other Hot NFT Drops in 2022 to Keep an Eye on!

Who are the Mash'd Apes?

Another popular NFT collection that drops soon (May 1st 2022) is the Mash's Apes. There will only ever be 6969 Mash'd Apes NFT that showcase detailed artwork, featuring high resolution apes living on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

Mash'd Apes Official Twitter
Mash'd Apes Official Twitter Account is @MashdApes

Look out for special airdrops and community incentives before the FREE mint! No need to whitelist, just being ready when the mint starts is paramount, if you plan on minting. Of coarse the Mash'd Apes NFT collection will be featured on the official OpenSea account after the mint is completed.

Wrapping It All Up!

Hopefully, you can see that 0X NFTs are here to stay! For those who were left out of successful NFT collections because they weren’t whitelisted, a common practice to control who can mint and when.

Or other unfortunate events which prevented you from minting these when they launched, it's okay because 0X NFTs are picking up where they left off.

Remember to do your own research (DYOR) to ensure you are only part of high-quality NFT projects, with a strong community of investors, who are about the future and provide a rock-solid roadmap of expectations and utilities. That way, when you look back, you will see that these steps helped you find the best 0X NFTs in 2022!


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