Wolf of Real Estate NFTs in 2022 – Real Estate Driven Project!

Updated: May 17

The future has arrived! The world is changing faster each day and people are realizing that going digital is inevitable. With surging inflation, rising home prices, and dollars depreciating quickly, everyone is looking for solutions. Today, many people from around the world are buying and trading digital assets, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, more than ever before in history.

Learn how to buy and sell Real Estate using CRYPTO
Learn how to buy and sell Real Estate using CRYPTO in 2022!

Digital assets have become a popular way to obtain true ownership and full control over your money. WEB3 offers anyone an opportunity to create value and wealth online. Even Real Estate, which you typically think of as brick and mortar buildings, is going digital, inside of the Metaverse.

Who is The Wolf of Real Estate?

The Wolf of Real Estate is a collection of 8,888 NFTs that grants its holders membership in the Wolf of Real Estate community.

Within the Wolf of Real Estate community, members will have early access to exclusive investment opportunities, full access to learn from some of the greatest minds in real estate, and the ability to make decisions that influence the growth of real-world and the Metaverse business operations partnered with the NFT.

Join The Wolf of Real Estate Discord Server & Mingle with the Community.

These decisions produce the ability to earn rewards for the community and NFT holders.

Let’s Break This Down!

The opportunities include but aren't limited to a real estate brokerage that transacts in crypto, a Metaverse-based real estate brokerage, a luxury rental property ownership company, and the Wolf of Real Estate brand as a whole.

WORE NFT presale
Join W.O.R.E during the presale for added benefits and value!

Join W.O.R.E during the presale for added benefits and value!

The total starting supply is 8,888 NFTs (maximum supply).

Public & Whitelist TOTAL NFTS 8,588 COSTS PER NFT 0.245 ETH + gas MINT DATE TBD.

Pre Order Tickets & NFTs* TOTAL TICKETS 100 Each ticket redeems a 3 pack of WORE NFTs (TOTAL NFTS 300) (Maximum 3 tickets per holder)

PREORDER COST 0.5 ETH (Over 30% discount off the public price. No gas fees upon actual mint)

Available Now

*This is a Preorder, no immediate NFT is issued.

Visual certification on the site appears when connecting your wallet.

You will be airdropped the NFT upon launch of the official minting process to save you the gas fee. The Wolf of Real Estate team will pay the gas fees at that time.

You may purchase up to three Preorder spots for a maximum of 9 Total W.O.R.E. NFTs through the preorder (3 Tickets x 3 NFTs)

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

How Can Real Estate Agents Get Involved?

Real Estate agents know that the more people who see a listing the better the odds are that it will sell quickly. Therefore, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is so important. When an agent takes a listing they submit the details, photos, and contact information into the MLS.

Then, the biggest Real Estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and feature listings on their websites, and hundreds of others too. This exposure helps people from other areas see the home for sale online, more quickly.

real estate and crypto
Real World Brokerage Partnerships in Canada & The USA!

The Wolf of Real Estate understands this which is why they are going to purchase a Metaverse property to build a digital Real Estate Brokerage, which will showcase all the listings that agents have who are part of the WORE NFT community.

This will exponentially increase the visibility of any listing. In fact, people from around the world will be able to enter the Metaverse and browse the W.O.R.E listings.

Buyers will be able to purchase real estate using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. This vision is already becoming reality.

In addition to agent benefits, investors, art enthusiasts, and regular folks can benefit from being in the community.

There will be many properties bought and sold within the WORE ecosystem, which will directly benefit the WORE holders.

How to Buy Wolf of Real Estate NFTs?

The WORE project is underway and anyone can purchase an NFT through their presale. People who take advantage of this period will get enhanced benefits from the Wolf of Real Estate DEV team.

Anyone can take advantage of the lowest pricing on WORE NFTs during the presale here

These perks include but are not limited to additional NFTs, higher rank, and more influential voting power about the project’s endeavors in its early days!

As the project grows, so will the holder's benefits.

Wrapping This Up Thoughtfully

With so many different NFT projects popping up every day, it can be difficult to know which ones are worthwhile. Some end up becoming nothing and are considered a rug pull. While others have become massively successful by offering real value and utilities that the community can embrace and be part of.

That is why The Wolf of Real Estate is fully doxed, and completely transparent in everything they do. Nothing is more important than having a diverse, engaged community of people whose visions are aligned and whose focus is on making positive impacts in WEB3 and the real world we live in every day too.


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